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Cloudflow | Cloudify Your Avanti
Friday 9th October 2020

We're delighted to formally announce Cloudflow, a service we'll be previewing before the end of the year to compliment and cloudify Avanti.

When we say "cloudify" we mean giving you some of the benefits and advantages of using the cloud, such as accessing your business information remotely and on different devices without having to have all of your data and information stored in the Cloud.

We think it's a great way to give you the benefits of on-premise (keeping your data and apps on your own system, utilising functionally rich desktop software) together with the benefits that the Cloud offers (use remotely and on any device and platform). The best of both worlds as we like to say!

Cloudflow is a web app which enables you to access your Avanti data from whenever you are from any internet connected device. It's not a cloud solution in it's own right, your Avanti system is still the brains and the data store and you can use the Cloudflow app to make requests to your Avanti system. We then have a little server-type app or a Bot sat on your Avanti system which listens for requests, validates thems and responds to them based on the type of request made. When using the Cloudflow app, it feels like you're using a web-based version of Avanti but it's just a lightweight web UI making requests to your on-premise Avanti system.

Initially the Cloudflow web app will provide some features that we want to get started with and that we think will make it useful from the get-go. However we'll be listening to what you tell us and building in more features to make it more functionally rich as time goes on. To this end we're committing to a bi-weekly release cycle where we'll add new features for you every fortnight. The great part about this, as it's a web app, these updates will be automatically available to you as there is nothing to install.

Longer-term we have our own complete cloud-based solution, Aspire, in the works. Cloudflow however brings the benefits of the cloud to Avanti customers in the short-term and for customers who intend to stay with their on-premise Avanti system for the long-term, Cloudflow will continue to add the cloud and remote access element to their business solution.

The best part is that as an existing and active Avanti customer, we're making Cloudflow completely free to you on-going as a way of saying "thank you" for your loyalty and for sticking with us :)

We're very much looking forward to letting you see Cloudflow in action but for now we're heads-down back to work to get Avanti 5 out to you. More soon!